Evan Antin is a veterinarian, but he doesn’t work in a typical animal hospital. Instead, he deals with unpredictable—and sometimes dangerous—wild animals. Watch him interact with lizards, exotic birds, snakes, and other unusual wildlife as he nurses these wild animals back to health.

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What's your favorite dog breed? In this video, Petco presents the Bulldog breed. Focusing mainly on the English Bulldog, learn about the this breed's temperament and history, as well as some tips for care. Bulldogs are typically mellow, friendly and courageous dogs. Do you think this would be the best dog breed for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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When a pet becomes part of the family, the loss can be devastating. Say goodbye to your animal friend with some memorable farewells that will provide comfort.

Step 1: Put them to sleep
Consider putting your pet to sleep when they are having trouble getting around, their quality of life is deteriorating, and prolonging the inevitable is causing undue pain. Be unselfish and comfort them all you can, but put their best interests first.

If you are arranging to have the animal put to sleep, consider making a clay imprint of a paw for remembrance.

Step 2: Stay with the pet to the last
Schedule with a trusted vet to perform the procedure. Join your buddy for the last moments as a loving way to calm their fear and complete your life together. Normally the vet will leave you alone to say goodbye afterward.

Step 3: Hold a ceremony
Wrap the animal in a blanket if the