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from Alana Nau
1 year ago
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How to keep your cages looking fresh and clean every day! Follow these 6 tips to encourage your guinea pigs to use litter trays and make it easier to clean up after them!

1. Use litter trays and position them in areas of the cage where piggies are more inclined to go anyway - think darker shaded corners or underneath hidey huts.

2. Put HAY in the litter trays! Guinea pigs pee and poop whilst they munch on hay, so by adding hay to the litter trays they are far more likely to use them. Don't worry about them eating soiled hay - you should provide them with fresh hay at least twice a day and fully clean the litter trays every day.

3. Get large litter trays. Forget about those corner ones - they just don't work and are not big enough to provide your piggies with a decent space to eat hay. Start off with cat litter trays and maybe even create your own larger trays in the future. I have a tutorial video for making a great size litter tray from an under bed storage box:

4. Make sure the lining for the rest of the cage is different to the material in the litter trays. Fleece liners do this and work great for larger cages. Guinea pigs will naturally avoid peeing on fabrics if they have a nice hay filled litter tray to use.

5. Do small things to encourage them to use the litter trays. For example - when you put your guinea pigs back into the cage after laptime, and when they probably need to pee, place them straight in a litter tray. You can also put some old poops in the litter trays after you have cleaned them out.

6. Use waterproof pads! I love these as they mean I don't have to change and wash the liners as often. They also help keep your cosy items nice and new!

I hope you found these tips useful! If you enjoyed the video, please comment, like and subscribe.

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