How To Buy Your First Horse

from Alana Nau
4 years ago
Alana Nau's picture

Have you wanted your own a horse your whole life? Are you ready to make that dream come true? Watch this video to learn how get started! These are the steps to take to buy your very first horse! I keep my promises! First week of summer and here is the requested horse video as promised! This video is an example of why I don’t like filming outside often. Nature is loud! The static noise is actually not static, a bug decided to sing the song of his people during most of my video. Then you can also hear frogs once in a while. And the Alpacas got some spot light too. Hope you enjoy it despite the noise! New Video every week Blog at Facebook Instagram @Meghan_happytails Twitter @MJ_Happy_Tails Alpacas Raising Chicks and Ducks Goat Care

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