The dog that no one would adopt - Sofi's story

3 years ago
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I met Sofi the first time I visited the Save a Greek Stray shelter. I now feel so bad about it, but the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw her was : “oh, no. There’s another one that will get to spend it’s entire life here”
It was probably distemper she had suffered from when she was still a puppy that made her walk this way, and besides the fact that she was an adult, black mix breed dog, her condition made her even less adoptable. But there was something about her.. Sofi would fall, and then get back up, and then fall again and get back up, again, and again…as if nothing had happened. All the love in the world was in that huge heart of hers. Love for people, for dogs, love for life. And we gave her a chance, like we do for all the dogs, thinking..”you never know”. I posted her video and waited. Waited for someone to look beside her colour and her medical issues.
And among all the loving people who watched it, and shared it and admired Sofi’s strength and kindness, there was one woman who did something more. Marcia was Dutch, and saw Sofi as the perfect companion for her, her husband, their three amazing children and their two rescue dogs. We would inform her on Sofi’s condition and every day life, and she’d send us photos of the new life that was awaiting Sofi 2.500 kilometers away. We could see who her playmates would be, the members of her new family, her new home, her brand new bed with her name written on it, her new life – a life we could never imagine was there waiting for a dog like her.
And after a month or so, Marcia flew all the way from Holland to Greece to pick her up. I had the honor of accompanying her to the shelter. The drive all the way there must have felt like forever. I could tell she couldn’t wait. And finally we were there. And finally they met. I don’t know what was going on inside Sofi’s little head when Irene took her out, but it was like she recognized Marcia, even though she had never met her before. It was as if she knew that Marcia was there for her. We spent the day at the shelter. One of those beautiful sunny winter days of Athens, when you feel that no matter what, everything - everything is going to be ok. Sofi would run around and play with her friends, lay down and sunbathe and then run into Marcia’s arms again for more cuddling. She looked so confident. She had that attitude, as if she was telling the rest of the dogs:” That woman is mine – you can enjoy her all you want today, but she’s coming home with me”. That was going to be her last day the shelter, and she enjoyed it as much as she could.
Their flight was scheduled for the next day, but Marcia couldn’t let go. I don’t know how many times we were about to leave, but stayed a little longer, and a little longer. Marcia would hug Sofi and talk to her. I don’t undersand a word in dutch, and never asked what it was that she was telling her. I only know that they were words of love and promices that she meant to keep. In the afternoon we let Sofi rest. The last time I saw her, she was in her kennel, while Marcia was on the other side trying to take a many photos of her as possible, photos of Sofi’s life before her.
And the next day they left. And two days later we started receiving emails with photos and videos on Sofi’s new life. A life she had never dreamed of. A life so far away from the land that hurt her and rejected her cast her aside. A life in which Sofi has her own hand made bed, a warm corner in the house where she can sunbathe, a family to adore her and a forest nearby where she can run all free and happy, along with her friends. A life well deserved.
This isn’t really a video dedicated to Sofi. It is a video about her, but it is dedicated to all the others that keep waiting in the shelter’s kennels. Waiting for a new life and a chance to be seen as a family member and a companion. And hopefully, Sofi’s story will give them a chance as well. And it might convince some amazing people out there, that their beloved future dog might be waiting for them thousands of miles away. It might be black or old. It might have three legs and a past of sorrow and abuse. It might walk funny or not hear well. But, no matter what, it will be a loyal, loving and forever grateful.

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