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My pet tiger!

She is 15 days old now and doing great. She is a white variegated canary. 
He grows very fast. Watch this video of her at 19 days old.

meet Cazuza, one of the most hand trained canaries ever. do you agree?

Rio becomes the boss of the birds and quickly pushes his way into the spotlight.

Ever wanted to make your own cage liners for your DIY/C&C cage? In this video I show you a simple way to make professional looking waterproof cage liners in seven easy steps!

Contrary to popular belief, a kitten's mother won't teach it how to use the litter box, which means you'll have to!

I explain how we were able to house break or potty train our 8 week old Vizsla puppy in about 5 days.

It is never boring with our furry besties! They just don't fail to make our day mor entertaining Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE!