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Hey #goldfishfam, today’s unboxing is a big deal because not only are these are the first new goldfish I’ve gotten at all in 6 months, but they’re the first new goldfish I’ve had shipped to me from

Aquarium and fish tank cleaning guide How i do a complete step by step Aquarium or fish tank water change and a full fish tank or aquarium clean.

Hey yall! I Jukka and I got a puppy! He is a pomsky and he's just so perfect! Thought I'd vlog my journey because I knew i would be insanely happy! Love yall!

This is Max’s morning and it’s very basic to changing his diaper and feeding him to play time

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In today's VLOG we get a ferret!!

UPDATE: He has a new cage! It is the Ferret Nation Model 182 Double Unit and he absolutely loves it!

Make sure to watch in HD!

If you’re a cat person, there are some bizarre cat facts you need to know. Even if you’re not a cat person these cat facts might affect you as well.

How to understand your cat? How to make friends with your cat? Everyone knows that cats are the most illogical and unpredictable pets.